If you feel adventurous and want to step out of your comfort zone away from the city, then try out these places to hike and work out a sweat! (maybe lose a few kilos along the way)

We all know that Malaysia has a lot of natural attractions but where exactly can we go to do some outdoor activities and get the best hiking experience near Kuala Lumpur?

If you asking the question, then you don’t have to look any further. Here is the 5 Best Places To Hike Near KL.



Also known as Permatang Kuartza Genting Klang in Malay, it is the longest quartz formation in the whole world, with the dimension of more than 14 km long and 200 m wide.

However, it does not mean that you can hike the entire distance of course. The trail for hiking is there but only cover a short portion of the whole ridge. But, it still quite the thrilling and challenging way up. You can see the KL city skyline from here as well as the reservoir and forest.

The quartz dyke is located just behind Zoo Negara and hiking is only allowed on the weekends. Climbers MUST register first with a Forestry Department employee at the trailhead and the price is RM 5 per person.

Exercise caution as there are steep rock faces and bumpy narrow passages.

2. Bukit Broga


Located in the town of Broga,Semenyih, it is one of the most popular places for climbers in Malaysia. Although the climb can be a bit tough, it is fairly easier than Klang Gates. The base is forested and for the first 15 minutes of hiking you will be surrounded by beautiful trees.

Although, when you reached the upper part of the hill, there aren’t anymore trees to obstruct your vision as the hill will just be covered with soft lalang grass and a wonderful view. The path itself is very straightforward and you are unlikely to get lost.

The hill is considerably far, 50Km away from the city but easy to get to by car. Parking spaces are provided and there are plenty of it but you need to pay for them. As for the climbing itself, it is absolutely free.

An easy hike but can be challenging enough for some people as there are steep parts on the hill.

3. Bukit Gasing


Bukit Gasing has a number of paths that you can choose and a typical route is about 5km which is a good distance for average people. This is mostly a jungle trail but there are a few vantage points that you can use to see the city from here. Fun fact about this hill is that it was once a rubber estate 60 years ago but nature has worked its magic here.

It is located just on the border between Petaling Jaya and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. Because of its dense forest you will experience the true jungle feel as there are monkeys and other animals as well. 

This hill is suitable for starters or those who are just in for some moderate exercise but have some steep sections for those that choose to have more intense workout. There are no possible hazards but do bring plenty of water.

Bukit Gasing is also satisfactory in terms of financial as the climb and the nearby car park is free (although you need to find it first).

4. KL Forest Eco Park


The closest and easiest place to get to for a hike, KL Forest Eco Park (also known as Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve) is located in the heart of the city. The park is equipped with 3 short but excellent nature, jogging and trekking trails. It is the safest place and although it is in the middle of the city, the park does provide a decent amount of birds and wildlife.

The view of the city also more visible with the 200m Canopy Walk and the trekking route is suitable for most people. You can get a moderate amount of exercise but if you wish to more than once you are welcome to do so.

The park is free as well the canopy walk(for now) so you can go here to break a sweat and have some peaceful time with nature.

5. Bukit Besi Alam Damai


The most simplistic hike yet offers a clear view overlooking the city while climbing and once you reached the summit. The hill is located  in Sungai Besi / Alam Damai area, near UCSI University in Cheras. 

The journey up is quite short and the trail is covered with lots of ferns. All you need to do is just keep on the main trail and be careful on the steep sections. The summit is reached when you are new a massive but restricted telecommunication tower.  You are not required to pay anything as it is free of charge.

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