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5 Fun Activities To Do At Home with Kids

Movie Time in Family

Set your place as comfy as possible with sofa, extra mattress, pillow, pop corn or candies! Turn off the light, close the curtains and choose with your kids the movie of your choice!

Relax and enjoy this great family time! It’s always a happy moment in family!

Pastry/Cooking Time in Family

You don’t know how to keep your children busy?

Why not plan a pastry time?

I’m sure you’re children love chocolate, right? Then it’s time to teach him how to make delicious pastry!

And if you are not the best cooker ever… don’t worry, do something simple, like french crepe or chocolate mousse!

You kid will like it and especially the time when he can leak kitchen tools 😉


Body Painting with kids

This one is very funny! Buy some paints that can be used on bodies, print some drawing (easy one depending on the age of your child) and be the guinea pig for your child 😀

And if you don’t have a garden, maybe it can be a good idea to protect your floor with some newspaper or plastic cover …!

For sure there will be paint everywhere! 😉

DIY Air Dry Clay

Let the creative spirit of your child works! Prepare some samples to help him create something: animals, flowers, his favorite superheroes …

For this activity you will need easy cooking ingredients:

4 ounces of cornstarch
4 ounces of glue
1 tablespoon of baby oil or vegetable
1 tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice

You just mix everything and it’s ready to use!

Either you can add some food colouring or they can paint them once they are dried and it’s even more creative and fun!

Family Board Game

Time to go back to the basic: Monopoly, UNO, Azul, cards, connect 4, candy land …

You have a large range of choice and it’s always a good way to spend time in the family!

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