7 benefits of staying in a homestay over a hotel

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Homestay gives you more flexibility

Your homestay, your rules. You can decide what you want, when you want. For example, in a hotel, you have a special schedule for breakfast, lunch or dinner… In your homestay, you can simply decide by yourself when you want to eat, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

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Homestay is like your home, it offers you more space

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You can just relax like you’re at home. Homestay offers all the amenities you need (kitchen, washing machine, internet…). Unlike the hotel, you have more than just a room. You can enjoy the kitchen and cook a delicious meal, use the washing machine if needed, hang out in the living room, invite friends… and it’s often cosier and more personalized.

Live like a local

Nobody knows a place better than a local and usually the host will give you more advice on the city than a hotel: his favourite restaurants or coolest bars, hidden places, best place to watch the sunset, tips and good deals around…


A homestay is more suitable for a group

Everybody is in the same house, easier to communicate, meet and hang out with, watch a movie together, play a game, sing or laugh like you’re at home without any need to keep your voice down.

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Homestay is often cheaper for an equal quality of services


Homestay is the perfect option for your wallet and for the global services it will offer (amenities and facilities at your disposal).

In addition, if you pay less for your accommodation, it means that you have more budget for your activities!

Homestay generates income for locals

By choosing a homestay, you will contribute to the local community by increasing their income.


You get more chance to explore isolated villages


Homestays give you the chance to explore a destination you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise because it’s too isolated. But in these areas, you have more chance to find a Homestay than a hotel in the middle of nowhere by renting a home or a room to someone’s place.

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