First Time In KL: The Adventures Continue

In my last blog, I was a total stranger to this place. A literal don’t-know-where-to-go guy. However, after some time here I finally accustomed to my surrounding and the wonderful attractions around it. Thus, it’s natural for me to share it here so my beloved readers can check it out for themselves. Today I present to you my dearest attractions that I discovered primarily in KLCC area.


Look at this size of this fish

Aquaria is an oceanarium just located beneath KLCC. The underwater walkway is a spectacular display of diverse aquatic life. It is open from 10AM to 7PM (Monday to Sunday). The place features all sorts of fish and sea creatures. Personally, my favourite is the shark that terrifyingly looming over my head.

Admission fee is Rm49 for adult and Rm39 for children under 12. (Price for MyKad holder, do not forget to bring it!)

For non MyKad holder that would be:

Rm 71 (adult)

Rm 61 (Children under 12 years old)

It is a great place for you to de-stress yourself and just enjoy the view.

One of the fish tanks here. An assortment of colorful fish on display.



The tower stands at an impressive height of 421 metres (1381 feet for my American readers) and features an Observation Deck and Sky Deck. The building is open to visitors for everyday (365 days a year) so you don’t have to worry about planning when to go. (although you need to be mindful of public holidays if you want less people)

The Observation Deck is a must visit spot if you want to gaze upon the scenery of the metropolitan city 276 metres above ground level. (Not recommended to people with height phobia). The deck operate from 9AM to 10PM. Whereas the Sky Deck is the main tourist go-to spot if you watch to experience the view of Kuala Lumpur at sky level, which is easily 300 metres above ground level. Offering you the feeling of being on top of of the world (sort of).


Lady overlooking the city from Observation Deck


You can even see Petronas Twin Tower from here


The Sky Deck- highest possible point of the tower for tourist to enjoy safely


If you wish to just taking a walk or even do an outdoor workout, I strongly suggest this urban park. There is no entrance fee at all thus you can enjoy the landscape full of lush greenery completely free.


A 50 acres wide park for you to stroll surrounded by the towering skyscrapers.


It also offer a wide range of amenities ranging from children’s playground, wading pool, jogging track, shelters and even beautiful sculptures. You may escape from the hectic and stressful life in KL for some chill time.


Sculptures of whales


You can take a walk or do some cardio


However, the crème de la crème of the park is during the night time where the showcase is the Lake Symphony located within the park. A dazzling performance of choreographed water show combined with bright, attractive lighting. Making you feel the experience of no less than magical.


Beautifully choreographed waterworks and colorful lighting


Behold the 10,000 square feet man made lake that features not one but two water fountains. KLCC Lake Symphony Light and Sound Water Fountain showtimes are 8pm, 9pm  and 10pm daily. However, KLCC Lake Symphony Water Fountain showtimes (Light only) are 7:30pm, 8:30pm and 9:30pm daily. With over 150 wonderfully programmed animations, it is certainly a treat for the eyes.


There is so much more that I want cover but that is all for today.After all it’s not fun to just telling everything right away. I will resume my journey and share the great attractions here in KL. Next time, I will go even further, beyond KL as I am ready to take my adventures to the next level. Who knows what more I can find here.

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