Hidden Must-Go Cafes in Puchong! 

Enjoy a cuppa and a pastry with definition social distancing security!

An urban area is never short of crowded places, traffic jams and cafes! 

Sometimes, all we want is just to enjoy a relaxing me-time or have a lepak session with our friends to unwind and relax after a hectic working week but it can be so hard to relax when all the cafes that we plan on going are crowded, even more so with the lift of cross-country restrictions.

But hey, like we say: an urban area is never short of cafes and especially in Puchong, a busy city with no less than 400,000 occupants. To some, Puchong may be the heart of traffic jams and more hecticness but we’re here to change your minds with our list of Top 5 Hidden Cafes in Puchong!

1. Buranchi Eatery (Non-halal)

Buranchi Eatery


Directly translated from the English word “brunch”, Buranchi Eatery serves Japanese inspired brunch menu all-day long! If you are a huge fan of brunch and Japanese food like us, there is no better place to go. The cosy and tranquil interior of the cafe will allow you to enjoy your food so much better!

Operating hours: Daily, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Social Media: Facebook Buranchi Eatery

Sipping corner

Getting to spend time in nature from living in a modern enclave is surely refreshing. Situated inside a nursery, it truly is a hidden cafe which suits its name so well, Sipping Corner. The storefront is densely packed with lushness, and nature lovers who also enjoy a good cup of coffee will love their impressive selection of hand-brewed coffees.

Operating hours: Wednesday to Monday, 9AM-6PM

Social media: Website Sipping corner



tipsy brew coffee

Don’t misunderstand, we doubt that the cafe will sneak a cheeky tipsifying drop into your coffee. Tipsy’s specialty is offering a cup hand-brewed coffee using any apparatus deemed worthy, such as a syphon, hand-drip and even a french press. Apart from their specialty cup and a wide array of coffee choices, Tipsy also offers a range of food choices you can choose from!

Operating hours: Friday to Saturday (Closed on Mondays), 11AM-11PM/12AM

Social Media: Facebook Tipsy Brew O Coffee

4. Banh Mi Cafe (Non-halal)

For lovers of Vietnamese cuisine, here’s a cafe for you! With a self-explanatory name, customers who step into the store will get an enticing whiff of the smell of baguettes that are baked fresh every morning that will then be generously stuffed with a variety of ingredients: pate, optional egg, pickled carrots, cucumber, coriander leaves, soy sauce and chilli sauce. Best of all? They’re authentically made by a Vietnamese themself so you can enjoy an authentic oriental snack.

Operating hours: 10.30 AM-10 PM

Social media: Facebook Banhmikl


the depot

Carrying an industrial-chic concept, The Depot’s pride is its coffee, as the coffees brewed and made are by award-winning baristas. In the event that you have fallen in love at first sip, you can also opt to buy a bag of the coffee they use! It is no surprise that a cafe specialising in coffee would have the amazing coffee scent, but The Depot also have their own roaster! This two-storey cafe is a must visit for all coffee drinkers and lovers alike.

Operating hours: 11AM-10PM

Social media: Facebook Thedepot11


What else you can find in Puchong? Our shortstay of course! 

Le ‘Pavilion Puchong

A resort-style luxury residence with dedicated facilities surrounded by lush landscaping. Every unit is designed to be a semi-D that exudes an air of exclusivity. Other than the podium facilities within the development itself, Pavillion also comes with sky lounges with vantage views of the Puchong and Kuala Lumpur skyline. For the residents’ convenience, several shops and retail outlets are located on the ground floor.


• 2 Car Park
• Kitchen Facilities
• Laptop Friendly Workspace
• Heater
• Fitness Center
• Pool
• Sauna
• Air Conditioning


• Shah Alam Blue Mosque
• Sunway Medical Center
• Summit USJ
• Sunway Lagoon
• Bukit Jalil National Stadium
• Axiata Arena
• Gasing Hill

• The Mines Shopping Mall

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