Together We Can Do This

Let’s break the Covid-19 chain together

With the recorded Covid-19 rising rapidly to three figures in these past few days, we as Malaysians have to do our part in fighting back by doing what we could. We must not forget to always abide to the SOP when going anywhere. There are also some actions that we can take in order to reduce the risk of infection. Thus, this is What To Do and What Not To Do in order for us to combat Covid-19.

What To Do

1. Wash your hands frequently for AT LEAST 20 seconds with ample soap and water. This will help to kill off the germs as much as possible.


2. Do NOT give handshakes and hugs. This will potentially spread the infection. Just put your hands on your chest as a sign of respect when greeting people.


3. Practice Physical Distancing. This is greatly helpful for flattening the curve and reduce the spread.


4. Seek medical help immediately if you are experiencing fever, cough and difficulty. This is symptoms for the infection.


5. ALWAYS wear a facemask when going out. This is extremely important.

What Not To Do

1. Do NOT touch your face as the germs might spread on your body.

2. Avoid crowded areas

3. Do not leave your home when you are sick and have the symptoms. Please do not be selfish, quarantine yourself.

In a conclusion, we all need to work together and do our part in this battle against this threat to our nation and the people. Together we can win this. #StopTheSpread

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