8 New Year’s Resolutions for 2020!

1)   Start a Travel Savings Account

In order to travel, you need money. Leave more of the material things and put aside a little money every month to save for your travelling. By opening a travel savings account, you will be sure to not spend your money on other things and you will be able to book an amazing trip instead!

2)   Learn a Foreign Language

We all wish to speak multiple languages, so why don’t we just start this new year good and dive into a new language. If you are planning to go abroad you can begin with studying the local language, so you can get around easily and talk with the locals, which will make your trip definitely more fun!

3)   Create a Travel Bucket List

How fun is it to make a list of all the places you want to visit, and then check off all the places one by one? In the end, you don’t want to regret not having been to certain places and experience the different cultures and food that you have always wanted to!

4)   Taste a Completely New Type of Cuisine

Travelling around the world gives us the opportunity to experience different types of cuisine, and who doesn’t love eating a lot of food? You don’t have to go overseas to try a new type of cuisine, you can try to visit a new restaurant with international food which will inspire you to plan your next trip and try the real local food there!

5)   Create a Holiday Photo Book

We don’t want to forget all of our amazing holiday and travel experiences, so creating a holiday photo book is great to look back on all these great memories and to show other people your experiences! In addition, its quite fun to create your own photo book!

6)   Start a Travel Journal

Keeping a travel journal ensures you don’t forget how amazing your trip was. In a travel journey you can write down all of your destinations, things you need to pack in advance, but also things you have done during your trip, the food you have eaten, your experiences and even pictures!

7)   Plan More Weekend Getaways

If we’re thinking about travelling or holidays, we tend to immediately think about a long trip of minimum a week or two weeks long, but just a weekend getaway can be as fun as a long trip. It’s just enough time to relax and to forget about work or other obligations. So go ahead and plan more weekend getaways in 2020!

8)   Travel More!

And not to forget… travel more in 2020! Want to book your first holiday of the year? Book now and stay with us for your first unforgettable trip in 2020!

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