The Uniqueness of KL than its neighboring city

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nasi lemak


The diversity of people in Malaysia really comes down to their food, Especially in the Hawkers Center. The variety and quality of the food here is outstanding. There’s many varieties of Malay, Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern flavors are all together mixed on each plate giving you the best combination of all kind of flavors there is.



KL is generally a lot more cleaner than the rest of its international brothers. It is less congested, more organize and nobody’s honking the horn towards each other as it is a sign of rude to honk towards people which then leads to a more laid back life.

bukit bintang


KL also has a better infrastructure, roads, transport system and a better concentrated skyline. With a new highways, MRT, and Gojek services are coming into live, KL is expected to be more public friendly transport towards 2025.



People in KL are very multi cultural with three major race Malay, Chinese and Indian. From that, people can experience many kinds of different culture and lifestyle. From Hari Raya, to Chinese New Year, and Deepavali, experiencing these different culture will surely be a fun ride. Plus, a bonus for the tourist as majority of the Malaysian people can speak English very well and easy to understand.

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