Things In Malaysia You Need To Know About

Malaysia is one of the Asia’s hidden gems.

It is often overlooked by it’s other neighboring country as it lacks in economic prestige of it’s neighbor and former state Singapore, and it isn’t renowned tourism destination unlike the two of it’s close neighbors, Thailand and Indonesia.

But if you take a closer look at Malaysia, you will find a country with a rich historic, fascinating people, unique culture, special kinds of festivals, and delicious cuisine everywhere.

Here are some surprising things most people don’t know about Malaysia:

One of the most diverse countries in Asia

Malaysia isn’t like any other asian countries as it consist of three main races, which is Malay, chinese and indians. Plus with many other races and tribes like kadazan, iban, bidayuh and many more on Sabah & Sarawak.

But they are all connected by the 1 official language and also national which is “the bahasa”. And english is also their 2nd language and most of malaysian can and speak well in english. So communication are a bit handy if you dont know about it.

So by these multiracial people that you will met, get prepared to be exposed by many different culture, different kinds of food and unique festivals that Malaysia have to offer.

English spoken country

Most of malaysian can speak english as english is their 2nd language despite having a multiracial people in the country. English is also widely spoken in Malaysia, much more so than in most other Asian countries, so reasonable English is enough to get you around in Malaysia.

But if you’re venturing beyond the cities, you might want to learn some bahasa if you can as much of the rural areas might be lacking on their communication part in english.

The east of Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak)

When we search a nice vacation place in Malaysia, most of the results would be in the mainland Malaysia. Travelers tend to forget or didnt know much about the east malaysia which is Sabah & Sarawak. These two states are the biggest state in malaysia and have many kinds of places to visits. But often time it is overshadowed by the main attraction in the peninsular.

In Sabah, experience some of the best Malaysia’s scuba diving on Sipadan Island and Layang Layang Island, hike to the top of Malaysia’s highest mountain which is Mt Kinabalu at 13,435ft (4,095m), or visit Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre to see the largest sanctuary of its kind in the world. Here, illegally captured, orphaned and injured orangutans are rehabilitated to survive in the wild – a process that could take up to seven years.

In the state of Sarawak, explore Gunung Mulu National Park to see incredible rock formations, walk inside Niah National Park’s limestone caves, or for a bit of urban exploration check out the colonial buildings and street food in the city of Kuching.

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