Top 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Malaysia !

Malaysia is one of the top countries to visit in the South-east Asia. With many amazing places to visit ranging from heavy green rain forest to the light blue of sea water and beaches, Malaysia offers many kinds of amazing spot for you travelers out there to enjoy your time here and create happy memories together.

So here we list out 5 of the top amazing places to visit in Malaysia !

01. Perhentian Islands

Most of the travellers out there are listing this Perhentian Islands, as one of the top spot for them to visit on. Especially the perhentian kecil, the little brother of the two islands, where fine sand and top notch snorkeling/diving fill the day before the parties start at night.

Close by Perhentian Besar, the big islands – caters more towards families, couples, and travelers who are willing to spend their time more to enjoy the light blue water and skip some of the partying part. Nevertheless of the island you choose, to get to Perhentian Islands, it requires you taking a speedboat.

The Perhentian Islands are very seasonal. Accommodation can be difficult to find on Perhentian Kecil in July, the peak month, but the islands are mostly empty during the winter months due to rain and stormy seas.

02. Malaysian Borneo

Visitors to Malaysia often picked or focus more on the mainland and forget about the natural wonders of the world third-largest island that offers many kinds of flora and fauna for you. The option to exchange dirty concrete for green rainforests and abundant wildlife is only a cheap, quick flight away!

The malaysian part of borneo is devided into two states which on the south you have Sarawak and Sabah on the north. Both states have their own vibes and specialness but they also have the oldest living rainforest throughtout our history.

Being the oldest rainforest in the world, it is flourished with many types of plants, animals, and places to visit. From endangered orangutans to rainforest canopy walks and some of the best diving in the world, Malaysian Borneo should definitely be a part of any trip to Malaysia.

03. Malacca

Malacca, or “Melaka” which is spelled locally is a historical city of Malaysia. It is a worthwhile stop for cultural, historical, and colonial sites that UNESCO even declared Malacca a World Heritage Site in 2008.

Travelers are rarely disappointed by the old town in Malacca that there are to offer. The relaxed vibe is pleasant enough to keep people around for a few days and the close proximity to Kuala Lumpur makes getting there by bus a bit easier as trains isn’t an option in Malacca.

Here, there are a lot of museums ranging from maritime meseum which is replica of Flor de la Mar, A Famosa which is a former Portuguese fortress located in Malacca, It is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Southeast Asia, and also national prison museum.

04. Cameron Highlands

Malaysia’s green Cameron Highlands are one of the few places in Southeast Asia where you’ll actually have to wear a jacket or warm blanket at night. This is because, even though its in a tropical climate but the high altitude of its land makes it colder than most of other places. After sweating across tropical climates, you may appreciate the change of climate.

The Cameron Highlands are like nowhere else in Malaysia, aside from its cousin Genting Highland just south below. You’ll see plenty of lush scenery, tour beautiful tea plantations, and enjoy access to decent hiking trails that weave through plantations.

Strawberry farms, butterfly gardens, and flower greenhouses are all enjoyable distractions to be found in the Cameron Highlands. The climate provides good conditions for growing fresh vegetables and producing delicious local honey.

05. Penang Island

Located in the Strait of Malacca off West Malaysia’s northwestern coast, Penang Island is a popular tourist destination due to its historic George Town and rich culinary diversity. The colonial city of Georgetown was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has plenty to offer in the way of museums, a seaside fort, historic homes, and most importantly, a famous street-food scene.

Numerous artists have left their marks in the form of murals along the streets of Georgetown. Cafes, shops, and things to do can be found dotted throughout.

Penang is considered one of the best places in Southeast Asia to sample delicious street food of all types. The waterfront esplanade known as Gurney Drive in Penang is lined with stalls and eateries for trying local Malay, Chinese, and Indian treats, among others.

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