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Travel after Covid pandemic: What it’ll look like?

The Covid crisis has impacted everyone, every business but particularly the tourism industry. Some airlines have gone bankrupt, travel companies, hotels or restaurants have shut down or dismissed many employees.

In a few countries and especially in Malaysia, the biggest part of the crisis seems behind us now (hopefully), but how will look the trip after this? And when things will go back to normal?

Even if nobody can answer this question for sure, travel will take some time to recover after the Covid crisis. Some of the experts say that domestic travel will begin to recover around October of this year whereas international travel will take 18 to 24 months to get back to “normal”.

People will prioritize staycation & domestic travel

Because take a flight will be at the beginning more complicated than before, more precautions will be taken. Some country will ask more documents such as a certificate of immunity, temporary visa or test at the border. All this verification will take more time.

To avoid flying, travelers will prefer vacations in their state or province, not too far from their homes. People might be surprised to discover all the hidden gems around their place. Moreover, it’s often cheaper than a trip to a faraway place.

In Malaysia, the Malaysian Tourist Board calls on locals to favour domestic travel first to stimulate the local economy with the #TravelLater.

More private rentals than hotels

Instead of booking a room in a crowded hotel or guesthouse, private rental such as Airbnb might be the preferred solution for travelers.

Short-term rentals like vacation homes offer a more private and convenient solution. Guests can cook at home, do their own laundry, etc.
It’s a more reassuring and comfortable way to travel at the beginning.

People will travel less but longer

Usually, travellers booked a short-term rental for 2-4 days at the same place. Thus, trends could be longer, around 7-9 days stay and people will privilege more meaningful experiences, meet and learn from the local communities, cook with them try handcraft, etc. instead of booking a micro-trip to the other side of the world just because fares were cheap and people were bored.


Thus, during this pandemic, one of the good consequences is that our planet recovers a bit, more wildlife, less pollution… Maybe, this crisis has raised awareness about the urgency of environmental issues and will push people to travel more sustainably in particular by favouring domestic travel or staycation.

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