What To Do During CMCO

CMCO in Selangor, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur and Sabah

What can we do during this challenging time in order for us to get through it

The nation is shocked to hear about the sudden news of CMCO will be implemented in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, and Putrajaya starting from 14 until 27 October starting this midnight. Therefore, people and businesses are all perplexed on how to deal with another round of this.

We may not be of much help but we will try to give some suggestions on how to make your life better during this challenging times.

Therefore, this is What We Can Do During CMCO

1. Find Some Opportunities To Earn Income

Even though that businesses can still operate under strict guidelines, it is highly suggested that another source of income should be build. The unemployment rate is still on the rise especially in this decade as their employers’ businesses are struggling. Finding a job in this period can be a monumental challenge and the market is even more so competitive than ever.

Freelancing and monetizing your skill is one option that you can take. Business everywhere is uncertain of what might happen so you may take this opportunity to sell what you can do such as digital marketing, administrative work, business consultancy, and more.

2. Improve skills to through webinars and online classes

While being encouraged to stay home, this is also a good chance to learn some new skills in order to potentially gain more money. Fortunately, a lot of free and paid online classes are all readily available on the internet. Therefore, one can grow their skillsets whether it be graphic design, investing, sales, video editing and more.

If you wish to start learning on how to use digital marketing tools, Skillshop by Google is a great place to jumpstart due to its being free. There is also plenty of other platforms such as Skillshare, Squarespace and more. If you wish to use local ones, mentorship platforms such as the OpenAcademy and FutureLab regularly host live talks on Facebook with entrepreneurs to discuss the industry, branding, new marketing trends and more.

3. Takeaway Your Food (aka just Tapau la)

We all know its going to be hard to go outside and buy food without being restricted by all the necessary guidelines. However, we all have the options to just order some food through the screen of our phones. Foodpanda and Grabfood once again come to our rescue by providing us with delicious warm meals without risking ourselves to go out. We have to thank our dear delivery riders for all their effort to make sure we get our food.

Other than that, you may also takeaway your food from the restaurants and make haste to your own home. Either way that works for you, as long as you don’t spend time outside for too long.

4. Find New Sources Of Entertainment


Get the word lepak or yumcha out from your head for now and stop thinking about it.  Even malls are closing, parks and other social places are closed for now. Therefore, one of the alternative to spend time entertain yourself while staying home is Netflix and chill. If you want more unconventional method, just play some Malaysian-made board games and if you are more to video games, play some PUBG or COD.

You can also practice your hobbies such as musical instruments, home workouts, cooking and more. There is plenty of activities for you to do should you feel lonely and stuffed up in your home.

In conclusion, these 2 weeks of CMCO will be challenging yet despite all of this, we have survived previous round. Therefore, we can also face this one as well and come out victorious. Good luck to everyone.

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